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Agrotécnica is a company established in one of the most fertile agricultural areas of Europe, Ribatejo, a central region in Portugal.

Since 1997 located in the field of Valada, early on we realized that the proximity to our customers could be the key to efficiency and Quality of our Services.

Throughout this time, we made an active part of the national production of Tomato, Corn, Wheat, Melon, Vineyard, among other that we can be proud.

Our role is mainly to Boost the Production and Profitability of the cultures, strengthening our position in the nacional and international market.

Agrotécnica offers solutions in Agricultural Technical Assistance, enhanced throughout our existence service.

Manufacture and Maintenance of Agricultural Machinery

The uncompromising quality of our services allows us to be expanding, much fruit of trust that our customers place in us and the reliability of the machinery that we have developed.

From Soil Preparation to Maintenance

Our offer now has a full range, from the Soil Preparation to the Maintenance of the machines at the end of harvest. We have ability to respond to all phases of agricultural production.
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  • We were looking for a company that could provide us a global service with solutions for each production cycle. What we found in Agrotécnica was more than that, besides the complete package, they provide a highly available service at any time, for any possible problem.

    João Corte Real

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